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The Main Differences Between A Beginner Player And A Professional Player

There are all kinds of players in gaming casinos. From beginners, amateurs, tourists and adventurers, to the most experienced and professionals of gambling. The difference is significant between those with practice and those starting out in this universe. From the time dedicated, as well as the amounts invested and wagered, to mental training, everything is a factor that differentiates professionals from amateurs and beginners.

The distinctions between experienced and novice players are diverse. Each player has his own style and playing technique, which creates a healthy competitive environment. Know the main differences between beginners and professionals when it comes to the game.

Time and availability

Aside from practice, one difference between beginners and professionals is the time devoted to casino games. Professionals dedicate their lives to games and make them their livelihood. Amateurs and beginners are part of the world of recreational games and dedicate part of their leisure time to casino games. So the level of play between the two is very different.

Amounts invested

Professionals invest large amounts in games, while beginners, for the most part, spend cautiously to avoid further loss of money. There are no definitive or indicated figures for spending, but professionals invest large amounts, although they have more security to make such an investment.

Game techniques used

Amateurs play less and therefore practice less. As a result, evolution is slower compared to a gaming professional who practices exhaustively and thus manages to always be evolving and knowing more and more about game techniques and strategies.

A mind trained for games

While beginners must study hard and seek to discover the secrets of games, professionals have their minds trained to exhaustion for games and thus have a speed of reasoning superior to the speed of amateurs. As a result, decision-making is faster and more accurate, which increases the chances of doing well in games.

Knowledge of opponents

Unlike amateurs and beginners, professional casino players know how to identify their opponents by their body movements, gestures and sequence of moves. Understanding an opponent’s style of play is very important to winning games. Experience counts a lot when analyzing a player’s gaming habits.

Risk reduction

Knowing how to bet on casino games and minimize the risk of loss is not an easy task for those who are new to the games. Amateurs have great difficulties in analyzing the risks of play, a fact that professionals are used to dealing with due to the time and practice they have in games. A good analysis and risk reduction in games can make a difference in a player’s final balance.

Disguise the sensations

Professional casino players know how to disguise their feelings and emotions at the time of the games so as not to give any tips to their gaming opponents. Beginners, on the other hand, do not know the techniques and usually change expressions and show emotions according to their chances of doing well in betting.

How To Admit Your Addiction To Gambling

How is an addiction identified? It is a behaviour that is repeated compulsively, regardless of the damage caused to the person who suffers from it. Due to the corrosiveness of addiction, it is never just the addict who is harmed; as a rule, everything and everyone around is hit.

But what are the symptoms? How is something like this detected? Just when we’ve already lived with the consequences? The most natural thing, at an early stage – sometimes even at a later stage -, is that this is a behaviour that the person sees as natural and harmless, hence it can go unnoticed for a long time. Let us analyze the case of a person who is addicted to gambling. Playing should be an activity with the aim of obtaining a pleasant sensation, however, when suffering from pathological gambling, this sensation is illusory: the player plays not to entertain himself, but to satisfy a need to permanently escape reality.

Game = Fun vs Addiction = Damage

This leads us to think: what is the real purpose that drives us to play casino games? Is it anxiety, stress, or something we refuse to deal with? Every addiction starts with trying to fill a void. It is a behavior that inevitably gets out of control, that leads us to recklessness, as it distorts our view of the world. Because everything – in the mind of the game addict – justifies breaking the limits. It doesn’t matter if we’re in debt, how many hours we haven’t slept or even if we do something illegal: there is a feeling of helplessness, because, when we stop feeding dependence, we are filled with anxiety.

How to break this cycle?

There is no other starting point: admitting addiction. It is impossible to help someone who chooses to deny himself. But once the problem is recognized, there are steps that can be taken on the recovery journey. Treatment has to start with resolving the real situation that made us vulnerable in the first place. That is, to face the reason that repelled us from reality.

Whenever you feel like playing, talk about it. Only taboo subjects get distorted and take on a disproportionate dimension to their due, so don’t hide anything under the rug. Talk openly with someone you trust, or even a professional. However, always recognize that, despite feeling tempted, you chose not to play.

If, by chance, you suffer a relapse – something that should not be considered impossible – remember that you are now more lucid and summon all the reasons that made you want to give up the addiction. Discover healthier ways to deal with the things that affect you, don’t take refuge in self-destruction.

How To Detect And Avoid The Traps Used By Casinos

Casinos are luxurious and glamorous environments that are surrounded by an atmosphere of sounds, brightness and colors, capable of involving and enchanting visitors. However, although they are intended for leisure and entertainment, the main objective of these establishments is to produce a functional and profitable business. To make this possible, they use techniques and planned approaches to induce patrons to stay in place, to make riskier bets and, consequently, to spend more money. Thus, it is important to be aware of some “traps” used in these places, to learn to recognize them and avoid them. Only then will you be able to enjoy the tour to the full, without future frustrations or regrets. The following stand out:

Free drinks

Although it may seem like a welcome and attention gesture towards customers, the offer of free drinks is an attitude planned by casinos to make c20om players feel more uninhibited by the effect of alcohol. As a result, they place higher and riskier bets, without the usual weighting and control they would have had if they hadn’t had an alcoholic beverage. In this way, it is important to remember that as attractive as the offered cocktails may seem, the best attitude should be to enjoy them in moderation while playing. Set a maximum limit of one or two appetizers and wait until the betting is over to continue enjoying the courtesy.

Environments without clocks or windows

Despite being luxurious and comfortable, the environments intended for slot machines and gaming tables are generally built without clocks or windows on the walls. This happens so that the player does not have time control and so that he is involved in placing more bets, remaining in the establishment.

Chips vs Coins

One of the most successful strategies used by casinos to encourage visitors to play and place higher bets is to convert the player’s cash value into chips. Thus, he doesn’t feel the impact of risking his own coins at the gaming table and is more comfortable betting his chips, not clearly realizing the amount that is at stake. For this reason, it is necessary to be aware, and always remember that although without the conventional aspect, what will be decided at the time of the rounds will be in real money and, as such, must be used with prudence and attention.

Machines and trading stations

Often, machines and stations for exchanging money for chips and vice versa, are located in an unfavourable position, far from the betting tables and isolated from the rest of the environment, inducing the player to buy a large number of chips from a once so you don’t have to go back to the same place to buy more. Many even risk their remaining chips instead of exchanging them, considering that it is not worth the effort to move.

Fast-paced games

A common feature in casinos is the skilful and fast-paced behaviour of the people who manage the gaming tables when dealing and handling cards, dice or roulette rounds, inducing the player to make quick decisions and not think too much before carrying out your bets.